The pitch

We’re SEM & SEO experts who focus on effective search strategies for tech-savvy businesses

Mushi Labs is an independent consultancy where stakeholders do 100% of the work. If you're a tech-savvy business looking to grow, we'll use our extensive experience to help you find search success — without the BS.

Interested in working with us?

Our engagements start with a strategy workshop where we evaluate how search traffic fits into your business and offer data-backed recommendations.


We've worked with dozens of companies large and small.

The common thread? A drive for tech-enabled growth.

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Sean Linehan

"...I considered myself to be reasonably well-versed in SEO, but after working with Bernard and Kevin, I felt like a down-right amateur. Their team brings an immense amount of expertise and guidance to the table. They produced both high-level strategic insights as well as an in-the-weeds tactical checklist to help us hit our traffic goals. I highly recommend working with them."

Sean Linehan, Director of Product at Flexport
Paul Teall

"...We knew we needed an expert-level sanity check to make sure we were on the right track. Mushi Labs helped give us clarity on the menu of options we had already considered, and they brought us several entirely new ideas that we hadn't even thought of. Their 1/2 day workshop was comprehensive, focused, and the pace was just right. Worth every penny!"

Paul Teall, Chief Revenue Officer at TurboSquid
Conway Kong

"...Mushi Labs provided historical insights into the SEO challenges and opportunities, and helped pave the way for a smooth transition to bringing SEO in-house. They are technically savvy in their understanding of SEO and I can not recommend them more to anyone looking to strengthen their SEO strategy."

Conway Kong, Head of SEO at DoorDash

Q & A
Q: How is Mushi Labs different than other SEM/SEO firms?

Our experience. Collectively, we’ve worked as in-house SEOs, guided dozens of companies through their SEO initiatives, and spoken about SEO and growth at conferences. We’ve built websites that receive millions of monthly pageviews from search, and we even run a profitable SaaS that helps companies like Shopify and Adobe drive revenue-generating search traffic to their written content.

Our business practices. We’re a small, independent firm where the stakeholders perform 100% of the work. This allows us to give our personal attention to each client. We believe expertise cannot be outsourced and it shows in the depth of our work and quick response times.

Q: Do you offer long-term engagements?

Yes, we offer:

  • Reporting — Adwords ROI analysis, managed rank tracking, performance by initiative, and in-depth metrics like crawl rates and indexation
  • Monitoring — alerting when there's crawl issues, analysis of traffic dips, Adwords spend, and keeping an eye on Adwords & Search Console notifications
  • Ongoing expertise — periodic checkups and making ourselves available for questions

Some agencies are eager to lock you into lengthy contracts before handing you off to junior hires. Instead, we strongly recommend you do a zero-commitment strategy workshop with us first. After understanding your business, we’ll know how to help you in the long-term.

Q: How do I know if we're a good match?

We work with smart, tech-savvy clients capable of implementing recommendations without outside engineering help. We have a particular proficiency for understanding large websites with thousands to millions of public-facing pages. We’re also well-suited to advise on content strategy for smaller sites.