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Client list

Sean Linehan

"...I considered myself to be reasonably well-versed in SEO, but after working with Bernard and Hang, I felt like a down-right amateur. Their team brings an immense amount of expertise and guidance to the table. They produced both high-level strategic insights as well as an in-the-weeds tactical checklist to help us hit our traffic goals. I highly recommend working with them."

Sean Linehan Director of Product at Flexport
Paul Teall

"...We knew we needed an expert-level sanity check to make sure we were on the right track. Mushi Labs helped give us clarity on the menu of options we had already considered, and they brought us several entirely new ideas that we hadn't even thought of. Their 1/2 day workshop was comprehensive, focused, and the pace was just right. Worth every penny!"

Paul Teall Chief Revenue Officer at TurboSquid
Conway Kong

"...Mushi Labs provided historical insights into the SEO challenges and opportunities, and helped pave the way for a smooth transition to bringing SEO in-house. They are technically savvy in their understanding of SEO and I can not recommend them more to anyone looking to strengthen their SEO strategy."

Conway Kong Head of SEO at DoorDash
Gerry Colver

"There's no good substitute for the best experience and advice you can get and Mushi is to SEO what Bain or BCG are to management consulting. Bernard and Hang have worked with several best-in-class companies and have a great grasp of what it takes to succeed at scale with SEO to meet business objectives. They focus on where they can deliver the most value and, refreshingly, they're upfront about the limits of what they know or 'is knowable'. Mushi is a true thought partner."

Gerry Colver Head of Growth at Siftery
Priscilla Villasenor

"We were really impressed by Mushi’s workshop. They were so knowledgeable and professional, and gave us the latest techniques in order to succeed at scale with SEO to meet business objectives. The workshop was concise, his research in depth and his suggestions on point. They're a true partner that will teach your team the right way to SEO. We would definitely recommend Mushi Labs to anyone looking to learn how to grow organically and in the right way"

Priscilla Villasenor Chief Operating Officer at Batteries911
David Ko

"We worked with Mushi Labs to improve Wedding Spot's SEO. I have personally worked with several agencies and can say that Bernard and Hang went above and beyond providing top-notch service. Their data-centric approach made it really easy to understand what we needed to do as well as track results over time. We have seen significant improvements across all of our core markets and I would highly recommend Mushi Labs to anyone looking to improve their customer acquisition funnel."

David Ko Co-founder & CTO at Wedding Spot
Jason Freedman

"Craftsmen treat SEO like any other craftsmen treats their trade. They incessantly study. They practice on their own projects. They have excessive attention to detail. Mushi Labs are SEO craftsmen. They won't come cheaply, but they're 10-20x better than anyone else you've ever met."

Jason Freedman CEO at 42Floors
Ning Liang

"Bernard and Hang are knowledgeable, pragmatic and data driven SEO practitioners. They set up our performance metrics, focused our strategy (which was previously too broad) and kept us accountable. They backed up their advice with data, and made recommendations with a long term view on SEO trends. We've seen substantial improvements, and, just as importantly, understand the root drivers of those improvements. We consider ourselves lucky to work with them, and would recommend them to any company looking to improve their search engine visibility."

Ning Liang Co-founder & CTO at HealthSherpa