The Mushi Workshop

Looking for more clarity in your search initiatives? Our workshop is a custom, lightweight engagement designed to give you data-backed actionables for your most pressing concerns.

"...Their 1/2 day workshop was comprehensive, focused, and the pace was just right. Worth every penny!"

Paul Teall Chief Revenue Officer at TurboSquid
Some problems we can solve:
  • We need a sharp second set of eyes to look over our SEM/SEO strategy
  • We received an email from Google about a manual penalty for spam/unnatural links/cloaking. Help!
  • 90% of our search traffic comes from just a few of our articles. But we have so many pages.
  • Our pages aren't showing up on Google when I make searches for them.
  • How do I know if I'm writing about the right topics?
  • We're using [insert javascript framework here]. What are the SEO implications?
  • A lot of our pages have duplicate content. Is that a problem?
  • We have all this UGC or structured data. How can we leverage it for search traffic?
  • Should we be investing in backlinks?
  • How do we measure search growth?
  • Should I be syndicating my content to Linkedin, Medium, etc.?

What happens
  1. First, we'll look at your analytics and send you a questionnaire to learn more about how search relates to your business. You'll also get a chance to pose specific topics that we'll address in-depth during the workshop.
  2. We create a comprehensive analysis of your current search strategy. We'll address high-level concerns from 'What's working right now?' to page-specific issues and opportunities like crawlability. This document usually comes out to around 20 pages of text and screenshots. It's then sent to you for review before the workshop.
  3. The workshop itself – This is usually a video call (or on-site for those in SF). We'll spend ~2 hours explaining every aspect of the report and another hour addressing questions that come up. Trust us, a lot gets covered in 3 hours of focused discussion.
  4. Questions sometimes come up during the workshop that we can't always properly answer without more research. We write them down and follow up with answers. Similarly, we'll make ourselves available to answer any follow-up questions for two weeks.

Workshop Q&A
Q: When will I see results?

Results depend on the implementation of recommendations. That said, search traffic changes happen anywhere between one day and six months after implementation, depending on factors like domain strength, crawl budget, and industry. Some clients come away from the workshop learning that SEM or SEO isn’t the best investment for them. In these cases, the benefit of making better strategy decisions can be truly substantial yet difficult to quantify.

Q: Who in my organization should attend the workshop?

We always recommend having engineers in charge of building landing pages or making search-related changes attend. Otherwise, we’ve had audiences ranging from Adwords managers to content marketers to SEOs to CEOs.

Q: Can we see a sample deliverable?

Sure. Contact us and we’ll send you a sanitized example deliverable.