A bit of background

We're Mushi Labs

Mushi Labs was founded in 2014. We started out as a small SEO consultancy dedicated to serving reliable expertise in a space filled with misinformation and snake oil. Since then, we've built on our core business with a couple new ventures:

  • 2016
    Clearscope: a profitable SaaS used by companies like Thumbtack and Optimizely to drive written content performance. It's our response to the needs of content-centric businesses in a world where content marketing and SEO are increasingly overlapping.
  • 2015
    Twitchmetrics: a web app that captures and displays Twitch.tv viewership data and drives hundreds of thousands of sessions from search every month. It's our platform for putting our SEO beliefs to the test as well as a bet on the future of gaming and media.

The team




Big questions

What's 'Mushi'?

In 2005, there was an animated series called Mushishi. In the series, small, primitive life forms called 'Mushi' have profound effects human lives, but remain mostly unseen.

Some strange 'Mushi' caused a hole in search traffic the mountain.

The idea that SEO is analogous – a variety of obscure factors affecting search traffic – got into our heads, so we decided to call ourselves Mushi Labs. But perhaps more importantly, mushilabs.com wasn't taken.